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The firm handles both transactional and litigation matters with respect to real estate and construction matters. The firm has specifically handled thousands of real estate closings, where it has represented individual and corporate buyers and sellers of both residential and commercial real estate. Further, the firm has represented individuals and corporations in construction litigation matters. 

Attorney Henry is a licensed title insurance agent, having personally searched thousands of real estate titles in Wayne and Pike and surrounds Counties. He has personally drafted hundreds of deeds and prepared hundreds of real estate agreements.

The firm represents all matters relating to criminal defense, including: DUI, Homicide, Rape, Post-Conviction Relief, Sexual Abuse, Outstanding Warrants, Theft, Burglary, Arson, Robbery, Prisoner Abuse, and other serious criminal matters.

Attorney Henry has served as both a Wayne County Public Defender and Assistant District Attorney where he personally tried criminal trials. Having seen both sides of criminal law, he is fully equipped to handle all types of criminal defense matters. 

The firm's breadth of experience in criminal matters from preliminary stages, pre-trial, and post-trial procedure is invaluable to an individual accused of any crime.

The firm handles all types of Family Law matters including the following: Divorce, Custody, Support, and Domestic Relations.

Attorney Henry has formerly served as Wayne County's principal custody master for seven years and he has litigated many complex custody and divorce matters. He also has vast experience in Family Law matters which found their way to Pennsylvania's appellate courts.

The firm is equipped to handle all facets (County or Appellate) of divorce, custody, support, and domestic relations matters.

The firm represents clients in all aspects of business law including: Start-Ups, Mergers and Acquisitions, Dissolutions, Banking, and Litigation.

Attorney Henry has formed many corporate and business entities for the firm's clients and has represented those companies in a variety of business and litigation matters. As a business owner himself, and running a successful law practice, he is fully equipped to handle and advise clients in all aspects of business law.

The firm is equipped to handle all types of business transactions. Attorney Henry understands business from a practical standpoint and often serves as a business advisor for his clients.

The firm understands the emotional toll that planning an estate or probating a will takes on an individual and a family. We take into account the intricacies of your individual desires within your estate plan along with determining the most tax advantageous mechanism to achieve your estate planning goals.

We also have experience in elder law, filial responsibility and long-term care. These areas of the law require state-of-the-art attention.

The firm frequently drafts wills and trusts and we are ever-ready to probate estates for our clients. We are also well-versed on non-resident returns. We are happy to help and assist you and your loved ones and plan an estate according to your desire. 

The firm represents many property owners' associations and advises them in all aspects of their association matters. 

Attorney Henry was at the forefront of property association law where he litigated one of the first Property Association cases that described home owners and property owners associations as quasi-municipal entities and required property owners to pay their proportionate share for amenities regardless of the language in their deeds. The firm continues to provide leadership and guidance for many property associations.  

The firm represents many municipalities in Zoning, Subdivision, and Planning Issues.

Attorney Henry serves as solicitor for multiple municipalities and he has drafted ordinances, including subdivision and zoning regulations. He has defended municipal organizations in regulatory matters; however, he has also represented clients who challenged municipal regulations, where the regulations attempted to restrict the rights of property owners.

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